Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was the project completed?

A: In May 2005, GAC Construction Co. began work on the removal of old utilities infrastructure and installation of new utility services, roadbeds, park recreation areas, community dock and green spaces.   The project was officially completed and the plat recorded in March 2006.  

Q. Where can I read the restrictive convents?

A: Detailed restrictive covenants (recorded in ORF 2739 PG 2053 are available on the website in PDF format.  A preliminary tree survey, tree mitigation plan and a copy of the design guidelines have been published on the website for easy review as well.  The color photos which accompany the design guidelines have been substituted for the recorded black and white pages.

Q:  What builders are eligible to build in Cove Pointe?

A:  There are no restrictions that would preclude any properly licensed contractor from building a home in Cove Pointe.  However, all plans must be approved by the Cove Pointe architectural review board (ARB).  This committee will review plans, elevations and landscape plans as expeditiously as possible, so it would be worthwhile to talk to the committee chair in advance to determine what is needed.  A plan submission form and general guidelines can also be found on the website and submitted by email to the ARB.  The developers envisioned a community of homes characteristic of the unique architecture found throughout the Cove area.  ARB board members will encourage attractive designs, which are not characteristic of tract subdivision housing in an effort to support the Best of The Old Cove theme.

Q: How can I submit an offer to purchase?

A:  Additional lots are offered through the MLS.  Please contact ERA Neubauer Real Estate, Inc., 850-522-7450, or your Realtor for assistance.

Q:  Can I build a dock on the waterfront lot I purchase in Cove Pointe?

A:  The construction of docks is regulated by the Florida Department of Environmental protection.  The process is fairly simple and to date the developer has not been notified of any issues that would preclude property owners from applying for a dock permit.